The City of Snyder Division of Emergency Management is tasked with monitoring severe weather and aiding in the warning of local residents in the event of imminent danger.  To accomplish this, a network of trained weather spotters is maintained within the Fire Department, comprised primarily of fire personnel, but incorporating other trained spotters from Law Enforcement and the Amateur Radio community.  In cooperation with the National Weather Service  (NWS) in Midland, a plan is in place for activating trained spotters and collecting information necessary for proper warning of potential severe weather.  

Spotters are trained annually by the NWS, and are then coordinated by a SKYWARN net during activation.  Various forms of communications allow spotters to report to a central point, and direct communications is maintained with the NWS through HAM Radio, NWS Chat, telephone, and voice over IP equipment.  Spotters have the ability to send in real time, pictures to the NWS as well as the EOC.  This allows for prompt information exchange between personnel in the field and the NWS, and prompt warning information is then determined and issued by the NWS using local and area media and weather radio.

In addition to Radio and TV, the local EOC can activate Civic Ready, a public information warning system where residents are notified via phone, cell phone, text and e-mail of existing or potential emergency situations.  A cable TV interrupt system is also in place.

The public is invited to the annual SKYWARN training, normally held the 4th Monday of February at 7pm.  Contact the Fire Department for more information.

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