Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal's Office
The Fire Marshal's Office is comprised of the Chief for administrative oversight, and a full time Fire Marshal.  The office of the Fire Marshal has numerous duties to include Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement/Inspections, Fire Investigation and Arson Investigation.

The Fire Marshal is in charge of Arson Investigation and is a peace officer (police officer) and the Snyder Fire Department is a stand-alone law enforcement agency.  Fires can be investigated by all certified fire investigators on the department, including the Chief.  However, arson is a crime, and must be investigated by a peace officer, who can process these cases including making arrests if necessary for arson offenses.  The Fire Marshal will work directly with the District Attorney when pursuing prosecution for arson related offenses.

The Fire Marshal's office works to inspect businesses and facilities to insure compliance with standardized codes and city ordinances.  When necessary, investigators/inspectors will work with the State Fire Marshal's Office on specific investigations and compliance issues.

The Fire Marshal's office also oversees fire prevention from the code enforcement aspect, as well as the public education aspect.  Public school training, civic club presentations, and similar activities are a routine part of the activities of the Fire Marshal's office.