Substandard Buildings

A safe neighborhood means the buildings on your property (homes, garages, sheds, accessory buildings, etc.) are structurally sound and in good repair. Buildings that are abandoned often become targets of vandalism and locations for other illegal activities. Property owners, including absentee property owners, must ensure that all the buildings on their property are kept up to the City of Snyder's building code standards. Dilapidated abandoned structures are a blight and a detriment to the community. 

Some signs of a structure which may be considered substandard include, but not limited to:

  • Exterior Deterioration
  • External Siding or Framing Bowing and/or Pulling Away From Structure
  • Foundation Failure
  • Illegal or Substandard Plumbing
  • Illegal or Substandard Electrical
  • Sunken Roofline

The minimum standards for the continued use and occupancy of all buildings, regardless of the date of construction thereof, shall be those established by the International Property Maintenance Code, as well as those standards established by the International Building Code.

Sec. 3.04.003     Building Standards Commission

(a)     Created. There is hereby created a building standards commission, which shall consist of the city council. All cases to be heard by the commission shall be heard by a panel of at least five members. 

(Ordinance 1072, sec. II(B), adopted 6/10/13; Ordinance adopting Code)

Stephanie DucheneauxCity of Snyder Mayor
Vernon ClayDistrict One (1) - Council Member
Jerry WebbDistrict Two (2) - Council Member
Jeffrey LevensDistrict Three (3) - Council Member
Thomas StrayhornDistrict Fout (4) - Council Member
Carson MatthiesAt Large - Council Member
Sarah JamisonAt Large - Council Member

(b)     Ex officio members. The code enforcement officer, the fire marshal, the building official and the city secretary shall be ex officio, nonvoting members of the building standards commission. It shall be the duty of the ex officio members of the building standards commission to inspect all buildings or structures reported to be or believed to be substandard and present a report of such inspection to the city secretary.

(c)     Officers. At its first meeting of each year, the commission shall select from its members a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and a secretary of the commission.

(d)     Rules and procedures.

(1)     Four members of the commission shall be required to constitute a quorum, and the simple majority vote of the commission is necessary to take any action under this article.

(2)     A commission member having a personal or financial interest in any matter before the commission shall excuse himself from the discussion and the vote on that matter.

(3)     The person acting as secretary to the commission shall make a record of all proceedings of the commission, which shall set forth the particulars of the matter before the commission, the decision rendered by the commission, the reason for the decision and the vote of each member participating therein.

(4)     The chairperson or city secretary may call meetings of the commission when necessary to rule on any case brought before it regarding substandard building nuisances.

(5)     The commission shall establish such other rules and procedures it deems necessary for the election of officers and the conduct of its business.

(e)     Duties. The commission shall hear any case dealing with substandard building nuisances and make a ruling as to whether such building is a public nuisance and whether such building or structure should be repaired, vacated and/or demolished.

(Ordinance 1072, sec. II(B), adopted 6/10/13)

State law reference–Creation of building and standards commission by municipality, V.T.C.A., Local Government Code, sec. 54.033 et seq.