Neighborhood Code

Code Enforcement strives to keep all properties in compliance through education, community policing and building relationships with our citizens. The Code Enforcement Department aims to strengthen neighborhoods by preventing the deterioration of housing and commercial properties, through the enforcement and abatement of code violations. Property owners and tenants are equally responsible for the care of their premises. 

The Code Enforcement Department encourages all residents to know the code and keep our community free from health and safety risks. Removing the public nuisances within each neighborhood will reduce related criminal activity and preserve property values. 

"Neighborhood Beautification Through Education"

Common Code Violations

  • Overgrown Grass and Weeds
  • Keeping/Storing or Accumulating Rubbish and Refuse
  • Maintaining a Building in a Manner that is Structurally Unsafe
  • Recreational Vehicle and Trailer Parking and/or Occupancy 
  • Junked Vehicles

The City of Snyder allows each current water customer the ability to have a roll off dumpster delivered to their property for clean up. The dumpsters are delivered to the properties and left for up to two days. However, roll off dumpsters delivered to an address on Fridays will be picked up on the following Monday. 

What Is A Roll Off Dumpster and What Is It Used For

A roll off dumpster is a rectangular open top bin which is delivered on the back of a truck and set in place for the duration of the time it is due to be left at the location. It can be delivered and parked, free of charge to a residential property which has a current/active water, sewer, and sanitation service with the City of Snyder. 

Renting A Roll Off Dumpster

The roll off dumpsters can also be rented for both residential and commercial properties. 

Fees for Roll Off Dumpster Rental
Haul Fee (Exchange Roll Off / Empty Roll Off)$230.00
Final Pickup (Empty Roll Off / Return to Yard$115.00
Landfill Fee Per Ton (Min of 3 Tons @ $35.00 Per Ton)$105.00 (Minimum)
Monthly Rental$100.00 Per Month
Daily Rental (Less Than 20 Days)$5.00 Per Day

* Deposit Required for all Residential/Commercial Roll Off Dumpster Rentals

How To Request A Roll Off Dumpster

Roll off dumpsters can be requested by contacting the Utility Department at City Hall, located at 1925 24th Street Snyder, TX 79549 or by calling 325-573-4960.

Rules for Roll Off Dumpsters

Violation of these rules will result in the loss of privileges to use the roll off. If prohibited items are found, the roll off will be returned and the customer will be required to remove the items. 

Do Not Overfill the Roll Off Dumpster

Items should not be higher than the top of the dumpster side rails or hanging out of the roll off dumpster.

Customers Using the Roll Off Dumpster Can Not Pay Someone Else To Do The Work For Them

The roll off is for residential customers personal use only. Contracted or paid individuals are not allowed to use container. If you are the person being paid to do the work you may not use the roll off dumpster.

Prohibited Items

  • Household Trash
  • Asbestos Materials
  • Liquid Waste
    • Anti-Freeze, Solvents, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Cleaning Solvent, Polishes, Oven Cleaner, Pool Chemicals, Paint, Paint Thinner, Paint Stripper, Spray Paint, Weed Killer, Pesticides, Insecticides, Poisons, Gas, Motor Oil
  • Refrigerants
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Automotive Oil Filters
  • Extra Heavy Items (Concrete Blocks/Chunks, Rock, Dirt, Brick, Etc.)
  • Tires