School Resource

The City of Snyder Police Department provides law enforcement officers assigned to work within the Snyder Independent School District (SISD) through a mutual Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) contract, establishing the School Resource Officer program.

 SRO Natalya Rackley (left) and SRO Bailey Latham (right)

The Snyder Police Department (SPD) and the Snyder Independent School District (SISD) desire to provide law  enforcement services to the public schools of Snyder, Texas, which endeavor to maintain a safer school environment. Both SPD and SISD both recognize the benefits of a School Resource Officer Program. The SRO program is aimed to assist in the combat of juvenile delinquency, to personally assist students with various problem involving potential involvement with law enforcement, to develop and maintain positive relations between students and City police officers and to assist the school district in maintaining a safe, orderly, and secure environment for learning. The school district and City intent to provide law enforcement education and related services to the public schools of the school district in the City of Snyder.

The Chief of Police assigns two, regularly employed police officers as SROs. SROs are employees of the City of Snyder Police Department. One SRO is stationed at the Snyder High School and the other at the Snyder Junior High School. Although the SROs are assigned to the schools listed above, SROs still serve as a resource to all six SISD campuses within the City of Snyder. 

Qualifications for SROs 

 To be selected for this program:

  • The SROs must have the ability to deal effectively with students. The ages, socioeconomic, cultural and racial composition of the students of the particular school should be considered in making this evaluation.
  • The SROs must present a positive image and be an appropriate symbol of the entire police department. A goal of the SRO program is to foster a positive image of police officers among young people. Therefore, the personality, grooming, and communication skills of the SROs should be of such a nature that a positive image of the police department is reflected.
  • The SROs must have the ability to provide good quality information and educational services in the area of law enforcement.
  • The SROs must have the desire and ability to work cooperatively with the School District staff, principals, the administrative staff and school officials.
  • The SROs must be State Certified Law Enforcement Officers.
  • The SROs must meet any other criteria the Chief deems appropriate.

Duties of School Resource Officers

 While on duty, SROs shall perform the following duties:

  • Speak to classes on the law, including search and seizure, criminal law, motor vehicle laws, and other topics.
  • Act as a resource person in the area of law enforcement education.
  • Conduct or assist in criminal investigations of violations of law on school property.
  • Provide a law enforcement resource when necessary to maintain the peace on School District property.
  • Make arrests and referrals of criminal law violators using his/her discretion.
  • Provide information or assistance to students at the request of the school staff, at the request of a student or parent or when the SRO feels it is in the best interest of the student. In the event the request relates to such things as depression, addiction, family counseling matters or other non-police related matters, the student should be referred to the School Counselor.
  • Make appropriate referrals to social services agencies.
  • Wear an official police uniform which shall be a Snyder Police Department uniform; however, secondary special event attire may be worn on some occasions with prior approval by the Chief.
  • Perform other duties mutually agreed upon by the Superintendent and the Chief, provided the performance of such duties is legitimately and reasonably related to the SRO Program and such duties are consistent with state and federal law and the policies and procedures of the School District and the City.
  • Any off-campus activity requiring the services of the SROs shall be contingent on the approval of the Chief or his designee.
  • Follow and conform to all School District policies and procedures that do not conflict with the policies or procedures of the City and abide by all rules, regulations and procedures as authorized by state or federal laws.
  • Coordinate with school administrators, staff, other law enforcement agencies and courts to promote order on school campuses.
  • Make presentations to civic groups.
  • Participate, upon request and with approval of the Chief or his designee, with school/student committees.
  • Any other duties as directed by the Chief.

Duty Hours of School Resource Officers

SROs perform his or her duties during regular school days and regular school hours,
not including official school holidays, department callouts, presentations or during required training.
When not performing such duties, the Chief of Police schedules and arranges duties for the SROs.

Support Services Provided by the City

The City, acting through its Police Department, continue to provide regular patrol police services to the 
School District with the positions of the SROs as an enhancement including the utilization of the
 Therapy Canine Program. The Therapy  Canine Program is utilized cost free to SISD.

SRO Natalya Rackley

Retired SRO Robert Clark and SRO Bailey Latham