Volunteer Fire Auxiliary
The Snyder VFD has a team of support members, called the Auxiliary.  Many Auxiliary members are spouses of firefighters.  Others are former firefighters who have retired but still have a desire to serve.  Others are interested citizens who do not desire to be active firefighters, but want to participate with the fire department and serve the community.

The Auxiliary is open to anyone interested.  The process for admission is the same as for firefighter trainees, however, there are no training requirements, and no requirements related to minimum attendance at drills and fires.  An application can be printed from this website.

The Auxiliary primarily is a support team for the Fire Department at large incidents.  They furnish meals, assist with rehab, transport equipment and personnel and assist with traffic control and other such functions.

We encourage anyone interested in being an Auxiliary member to contact the Fire Department for more information.