Interested individuals, age 16-18 (age 18 with a HS diploma or GED may apply for regular membership) may apply for the Snyder Jr. Firefighter Program, overseen by the Snyder Volunteer Fire Department.  Jr. Firefighters will train with the SFD, and may report to most fire scenes where they can participate in limited activities to assist the fire department.   Jr. Firefighters must maintain at least a "C" average at school, and will be assigned to a fire department officer who will monitor school grades.  Jr. Firefighters will be issued fire fighting gear and a radio pager.  Numerous other rules and regulations will apply to insure the safety of the Jr. Firefighter.  Upon graduation and completion of training requirements, Jr. Firefighters may request full volunteer firefighter membership status.

Any student, age 16-18, Male or Female.
Parental Consent required.
Must be in good overall physical condition.
Must have valid drivers license, a suitable vehicle, and provide proof of vehicle insurance.
Must reside "in the Snyder area of Scurry County".  (Normally no further than 3-5 miles of the city)
Must maintain passing grades in school.

Required to attend 50% of fire department drills, offered twice monthly.
Expected to participate in Saturday rookie training when offered.

On school days, Jr. Firefighters are not expected to respond to fires after 10pm, and are not allowed to respond to fires after midnight.  Jr. Firefighters may leave ongoing fires by 10pm and are not allowed to stay past midnight during the school week.

Read the Operating Guidelines Here
Print an Application Here

Safety is of top priority.  Jr. Firefighters will actively participate in fire fighting under direct supervision of certified firefighters.  These activities will include hose handling, extinguishment activities, water supply, ventilation and similar activities.

Jr. Firefighters are NOT allowed to enter burning structures, toxic atmospheres, potential collapse zones, or other obviously dangerous locations on the fire ground.  Life threatening rescue scenes will NOT allow for active participation of the Jr. Firefighter, but they may assist on the perimeter and observe.

Jr. Firefighters will be issued RED helmets, to immediately distinguish them from regular firefighters.