Public Warning System

The City of Snyder has teamed up with Scurry County to purchase the latest in warning capability, CivicReady.  This state of the art telephone based system allows agencies to prepare messages, and with the touch of a button, distribute the message to any select geographical area or the entire county if need be, in voice, text or e-mail format in a matter of minutes.

The system automatically has access to all land line phones that are registered in the local 911 database within Scurry County. However, cell phones & non-ATT phones must be registered.

All residents who have phone service with Suddenlink, Vonage or similar internet phone companies, and all Cellular Telephones need to register online to receive warnings.

All phone numbers and e-mail addresses are secured on dedicated servers, and will not be released to any person or agency.

When registering, you can received automatic warning messages from the National Weather Service, and we encourage you to sign up for these, as they are automatic, and direct from NWS. The City of Snyder is providing this direct NWS alert capability, and will not issue additional warnings in most instances.  IF YOU DO NOT  SPECIFICALLY SIGN UP AND SELECT WEATHER WARNINGS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AUTOMATED WEATHER WARNINGS FROM CivicReady.

Emergency Management Personnel will use the warning system when needed to notify local residents of necessary warning information during emergency situations.

This system is available to local Emergency Management as a tool, however, residents should not depend solely upon this warning notification, and should always monitor severe weather, and continue to obtain severe weather warnings and watches through the news media and other available means. Aside from the automatic NWS warnings, it is anticipated that residents will only be notified via the public warning system if an imminent danger to life and property is confirmed.