Recycling Services

Recycling provides communities the opportunity to experience not only a reduction in the municipal solid waste stream but in their pocketbook as well. The collection, transportation and disposal of MSW has become very expensive.

The City of Snyder, has provided recycling since 1994 and is currently in the process of expanding its recycling opportunities to the local schools and college through assistance from the West Central Texas Council of Governments (WCTCOG).  The Recycling Center is located at 2661 Thompson Road.

The WCTCOG, with the use of designated grant money, will be making available recycle containers for not only the schools and college, but for the city offices also.

By diverting paper and cardboard alone, a municipality could see a reduction of an amount hauled to a landfill, up to 41.4 percent, depending on citizen participation.

Paper and Cardboard alone, a component of any community’s Municipal Solid Waste Stream, consists of an amount equal to 41% of the total. They are a product that can be recycled and manufactured into or, as a new product.

That 41% would not only add years to the expected life of an existing landfill, but in turn will save current and future generations from the requirement of permitting a new expensive state-of-the-art landfill until long after the originally planned year.

The city highly encourages everyone to change their old habits of discarding those items that the city can market to the recycling industry. The city has a market source for the following recyclables: 

                Paper and cardboard.
                PET and HDPE Plastic.

For more information on Accepted Recyclables and the location of Recycling Containers please follow the links. The City of Snyder hopes everyone will participate in recycling.