Training and Certification

Paid Department Requirements
City of Snyder career firefighters are required to be certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) in structure fire fighting. This requires the completion of an approved fire academy program.

Career firefighters are also required to obtain and maintain Texas EMS Responder certification to be employed by the City of Snyder.

Almost all paid firefighters have credentials above the minimal requirements, such as Paramedic certification, intermediate and advanced firefighting certification.  Many are also certified fire instructors, some are certified fire investigators, and others have certifications in various technical aspects of fire duties, including rescue and apparatus operations.

Volunteer Fire Department Requirements
No prior experience is required to become a volunteer firefighter.  Introductory (Rookie) training is offered locally through the department, and new members have one year to complete the introductory level of training, while serving as probationary firefighters.

The department offers additional training that will allow personnel to advance from introductory to FF Level 1 & 2. With some training offered at Texas A & M and new online courses now available, firefighters desiring to progress to the advanced certification levels can accomplish this task over the course of a few years.

While the department does not require any EMS type training for volunteers, numerous volunteer firefighters are EMT, EMT-I and EMT-Paramedic certified. Other volunteers are also certified training instructors, at levels 1 and 2.

The Fire Department also maintains a fire & rescue training facility, where hands-on training can be provided in a safe environment.