Our mission is to promote the health and safety of the residents and to enhance the aesthetics of the community by providing an environment free from the hazards and unpleasantness of uncollected refuse and brush, with the least possible inconvenience to residents, while maintaining the containers in a near-new condition.

There are eight routes within the city, from which 1,952 refuse dumpsters are emptied on a daily or twice-weekly basis. The rural route includes weekly pick-up of 49 dumpsters. There are six 33-yard, fully automated, side-load sanitation trucks, four of which are used for daily route, one used for back-up.

A dump truck can be parked overnight, free of charge, at a requested location to be used for large quantities of refuse.  To have a dump truck parked the address must have current water, sewer and sanitation service with the city.  Please read our Rules for Dump Truck Use to see refuse items that are allowed and prohibited.  The dump truck is set out after 5:00 P.M. and the truck is picked up the following morning and driven to the landfill, when set on a Friday it is picked up Monday morning.