Municipal Court

Municipal Court Jurisdiction
The City of Snyder Municipal Court has jurisdiction over the following types of cases within the City limits:
  • Class C fine-only offenses
  • Violations of municipal ordinances
  • Animal control violations

Online Court Options

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there has been limited access to City Hall and our Municipal Court Offices. We are excited to announce online services have been added to allow citizens to handle some of these processes. Defendants now have the option to enter a plea, pay in full, or request an extension online. You can access the options on the City of Snyder Website under online payments. Please call the Municipal Court at (325) 573-4958 if you have any questions about these new options.

Online Services

Failure to Appear
A failure to appear or make arrangements on a citation / charge in the Municipal Court will result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and additional costs being assessed against you. Notice will be sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety to flag your driver’s license for non-renewal.