Historic Scurry County, Inc.

Historic Scurry County, Incorporated, a Texas Corporation,  was formed on October 21, 1980.  The Heritage Village was established at the same time by the donation of land from the Scurry County Commissioners Court. The Heritage Village is located at 900 East Coliseum Drive, Snyder, Texas. It would be the responsibility of this organization to preserve and restore acquisitions that would record the history of Scurry County.

On April; 6, 1981 the first Structure was moved into the village.  The Cornelius-Dodson Home was the oldest residence in Snyder, Texas. The home was built in 1883.

Cornelius-Dodson Home_thumb.JPG
Dermott School_thumb_thumb.JPG

In 1988, the Dermott School was moved into the Village.  The school from the Community of Dermott, Texas was built in 1923.  It is an example of Scurry County's many rural schools which were closed with the passage of the Gilmer-Aiken Bill in 1949. The bill required teachers to hold a college degree.  Good roads providing easy access to Snyder, which had a larger schools system, also contributed to the closures of rural schools.

In 1993, the Hermleigh Calaboose was moved into the Village. A small jail built in 1913 for the town of Hermleigh, Texas.  A historical medallion was awarded to the structure from the Texas Historical Commission in 1972.

Hermleigh Calaboose_thumb.JPG

Beginning in 2009, the Village has grown to include a Pump Jack, Oil Field "Dog House", Gasoline Pump circa 1924, antique See-Saw, Bunk House, Barn,  Outhouse built by WPA, Buggy, Wagon, Farm Equipment and the "Redwood Chapel".

Historic Scurry County, Inc. meets monthly, September through May, scheduling programs of historic interest.
The hard work and determination of these individuals is greatly appreciated.  Since 2009 other acquisitions from around the county have found a home in the Village and our history is becoming more visible. Please visit our website Historic Scurry County, Inc. for more information and to see how you can help in preserving our local history.